About Partnyr

The First Tenant Data Company

Partnyr is a rental platform that saves time and multiplies productivity for property managers and landlords while saving money for renters on application fees.

By taking the most popular tenant screening checks, fact-checking tenants' previous occupancy history, combining this into a single Partnyr Renter Score™, managers can quickly make a decision on whether they want to move forward with the rental process for someone. Partnyr enables managers to save 90% of their time in screening an applicant.

Renters also benefit from Partnyr by being able to re-use their application for other rental properties listed on the site. This means they save from having to pay multiple application fees. One application is good for 30 days and can be used to apply to as many properties as possible.

Passion led us here

A company that values its team

Partnyr is a remote-first company that values people over profit. About 1/5 of our team is remote, with the rest of our team in and around Meridian, Idaho. We believe in building the best product for our customers and making our company the best place to work. We innovate and will continue to do so, transferring inefficiencies into automation as much as possible, and having fun doing it!

Partnyr strives to find people of high caliber, but to us this doesn't mean your technical skill set, but your effort, your attitude, and your humility. We hire people who take pride in their work, want to always be learning, and aren't afraid to jump in and help even if it's not their job title.

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