Next Generation tenant screening services

Approve or deny an applicant automatically with your own pre-defined rental criteria. Save 1000's of hours per year! Let big data and automation screen and fact-check for you so you can grow your business instead of fact check your applicants' lives.

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Screen better

Find your next tenant automatically

List your rental property, define your ideal rental criteria, and let Partnyr do the fact-checking to decide who meets your criteria or not. Already have a tenant that's interested? Jump straight to the screening process with them and invite them to complete the a Partnyr Rental Application.

We screen and verify using all six common ways below:

Landlord Interviews

Gain peace of mind by learning about the previous property manager’s experience with a proposed tenant

Credit Check

Ensure your tenant can pay on time and hasn't taken advantage of the last landlord

Background Check

Know who will be in your property and if you are putting your neighbors at risk

Eviction Check

Make sure your renter wasn’t forcefully removed recently from another landlord’s property

Income Verification

Feel confident knowing your tenant can afford the rental property

Renter Score™

Simplify the decision process by viewing each candidate's Renter Score™ and Renter Scorecard™

Pricing Plans

Get started for free, then add a subscription for even more features and values.


Discount tenant screening report pricing with options to customize rental listings.

$79 /mo

Sign up for Silver

What's included

  • Discount pricing on all reports
  • $10 single bureau credit report
  • $7.50 criminal and eviction reports
  • Next-Gen Tenant Screening Opt-In Available
  • Enable / disable support for Reusable Renter Applications
  • Free advertisement of your rental properties
  • Use Partnyr's application or provide your own application URL


Monetize your screening process and unlock insights in Partnyr's rental analytics platform.

$149 /mo

Sign up for Gold

What's included

  • All of Silver's pricing features included
  • Control the pricing of the credit report costs and capture the difference in costs as a new revenue stream
  • Access all of Partnyr's Rental Analytics Dashboards
  • Sync your Partnyr rental listings to the Facebook Marketplace for more advertising exposure


Two-way data syncing to your current PM software with advanced customizations.

$299 /mo

Sign up for Platinum

What's included

  • All of Gold's pricing features included
  • Custom web hooks to be called after a report is ready
  • Two-way data sync between your existing property management software and Partnyr
  • Slack Connect integration with Partnyr team for on-demand support or feedback


Pay-per-report. Just the basics for screening your rental applicants and advertising your property.

$0 /mo

Sign up for Basic

What's included

  • Basic advertisement of rental property on Partnyr.com
  • $15 single bureau credit report
  • $10 criminal and eviction reports
  • Next-Gen Tenant Screening Auto Opt-In
  • Must allow Reusable Renter Applications

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