Reusable Renter Application

Save Money on Application Fees

Here at Partnyr, we wanted to build a rental application better than all other applications. How often have we as renters had to pay for an application fee, only to not get the rental property and pay another property manager or landlord yet another application fee!? In fact, as disgusting as this is, some landlords do this on purpose, simply to make some extra dollars off of their applicants. Scammers can even steal genuine property listings off of one site, and list them on another and try to make some application fees off of a trusting renter who might be trying to rent from out of state.

With Partnyr, you fill out a generic application for ALL properties that are listed on our website. We run some checks on you (credit, criminal, and eviction), and we verify your income and interview your previous landlords. This data all gets put into your personal Partnyr Renter Score™. This score, much like a credit score, measures whether you are likely to be a good tenant. After you have your score, you are free to apply to as many properties as you want within a 30 day window. Your application and Renter Score™ will be shared with those properties you apply to. After you are scored, it simply takes a click of a button to apply to other properties you are interested in. We call this the “1-Click, Apply” solution!

Protect your Data with Partnyr

The data you provide, along with the data we gather from your credit, criminal, and eviction reports are stored with the latest encryption methods. We never share your Social Security Number with any landlords or property managers. Our data is always encrypted on our website and in our database.

We’ve seen countless times where a property management company or landlord gathers very sensitive information about an applicant through an unsecured website where the data can be leaked. Paper applications are just as bad – having your sensitive information stored on paper where someone could steal it or misuse it.

We will always put security at our #1 priority. We never share your raw credit report with anyone either.

Have your Voice Heard - Rate your Landlord

Since renters are scored, we believe landlords and property managers should be scored too. During the application process, Partnyr will ask you for previous occupancy details and ask you to provide a detailed review and ratings on your previous property manager and the property itself. Once we receive enough ratings, these reviews and ratings be visible to everyone. You’ll be helping other people find a great home or avoid headaches with a potentially bad landlord or property.

Partnyr Up – Plan to buy a home

If you’re interested, we’ll partnyr you with industry professionals. We ask every renter during the application process if they are interested in being “partnyred” up with a local real estate agent and mortgage lender. These are true professionals who can educate you and coach you through the steps to home ownership. While you’re renting, you could be talking with them to come up with a strategy that works for you to see your options for buying a home after your lease ends. A myth out there is that everyone needs 20% down to buy a house, but there are so many ways to buy a house – even 0% down in some cases. This is why it’s so important to be partnyred with someone who can let you in on these juicy strategies!