Tenant Data Screening

Partnyr allows landlords and property managers to create and display their property listings for free. In addition, they get to screen their tenants in a superior approach. The result is that you save significant time and money.

Step 1

Create an account and create your property listing(s)

Step 2 (Optional)

If you already have an applicant interested in your listings, invite them to apply in the Partnyr Dashboard.

Step 3

Wait for interested applicants to apply to your listing. During the application process, Partnyr pulls credit, criminal, and eviction data, verifies employment, and interviews previous landlords. All this is derived into a Renter Score™ (with sub-scores) to easily compare and measure how good and reliable a tenant will be for you.

We won’t share the manager’s information with an applicant until they are scored and have been assigned a Renter Score™.

Partnyr Renter Score™ Information:

Score NameDescription
Partnyr Renter Score™This is the overall score from 0-1000. This measures overall how good and reliable this tenant will be. This is made up of the five sub-scores below.
1 - Debt Score (Subscore)Measures the renter’s ability to pay their obligations and whether they are stretched too thin or not.
2 - Criminal Score (Subscore)Measures the renter’s criminal activity. The older the activity, the less it affects their score.
3 - Eviction Score (Subscore)Measures the renter’s eviction activity. The older the eviction, the less it affects their score, however more than 1 eviction in 7 years is an automatic zero.
4 - Tenant Score (Subscore)Through landlord interviews, this measures how easy the tenant is to work with, if they paid on time, if they owe previous landlords anything, if they did any damage, etc.
5 - Income Score (Subscore)Measures the validity of their income and whether it has been verified or not. Note – we do not score how much someone makes, just that they do in fact appear to be making what they say they are making. We also factor in how long that income has been reported. Verified income with longer history is scored more than unverified shorter income history.

Step 4

Get notified when someone has applied to your listing(s). We’ll email you when someone has applied to your listings. You can view their Renter Profile with their Partnyr Renter Score™ and their application data on their Renter Profile page. Only applicants who have applied to one of your listings or who have accepted your invite to apply will be shown.

Step 5

Reach out to your favorite applicant. At this point, you’ll have seen all the necessary information to make a decision. So, schedule a time to show them the property, sign a lease, and collect your paycheck.

Step 6

Manage your reputation and your property’s reputation by coming back and checking detailed reviews and scores. We ask renters to review both the rental property manager as well as the property itself.

Step 7

Repeat! Continue to send your prospective tenants to our site, and we’ll continue the process.

In Summary, you’ll fill your vacancies more quickly, by spending less time finding the right tenants. Partner with Partnyr, and let our Tenant Data algorithms work for you!